Fire Extinguisher | Bottle Storage

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The most original way to wrap a bottle of your favourite drink!

✔️ Surprise your friends at a party

✔️ Give a bottle of liquor a special touch

✔️ Conceal the contents of your gifts

✔️ Store drinks

✔️ Surprise your guests

✔️ An original gift!

Minibar in the shape of a fire extinguisher.
Can you imagine receiving a fire extinguisher as a gift from a friend, only to discover a bottle of your favourite drink inside? With this minibar, you'll bring an original gift or simply a surprise to a party!

Two Compartments:

  • Inside the minibar, you'll find two compartments: In the center compartment on the inside, you can store a bottle of whisky, gin, wine, or any other drink, and in the outer compartment, you can place the glasses

Perfect camouflage:

  • Perfectly camouflaged, the minibar in the shape of a fire extinguisher completely hides its contents. Your friends will have to open the door to find out what's inside. That's why it's the best way to prepare the perfect surprise for everyone.

With this ultimate hosting solution:

  • You can easily serve refreshing drinks, making every event a pleasure for both hosts and guests.

Material: Metal
Dimensions: 40cm x 12cm
Contents: Contents are empty; no drinks or glasses included.

The product may have slight deviations from the pictures as it is handmade.

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