Calm Wavecrest Lamp

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Introducing the Calm Wavecrest Lamp: Designed for the contemporary lifestyle, its sleek sophistication effortlessly uplifts any setting, elevating your space with unmatched elegance. With its chic metal base and uniquely crafted wave-shaped shade, this lamp is the epitome of contemporary elegance. Its shade, reminiscent of a gently closed curtain, adds an artistic flair, casting a soft and inviting ambiance throughout any room.
Featuring a three-step dimmable function, you can effortlessly adjust the brightness to your liking with a simple touch. Offering two distinct lighting tones, warm white and natural white, this allows for easy customization of the atmosphere to match your mood or task.
With its convenient USB-plugged design, you can easily power the Serene Wavecrest Lamp from your laptop, desktop, or any USB-compatible device, making it perfect for your home office, bedside table, or living room.

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Size: 20.5cm x 11cm (8x4 in)
28cm x 16cm (11x6 in)
Dimmable: Yes
Plug-in: USB-cord (included)
Material: Metal and ABS+PC
Lighting Tones: Warm White / Natural White

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