Chunky Knit Bag

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Colour: Cream White

UPDATE: Limited stock! - 24 pieces available

The CHUNKY Knit Bag by Mello Luni exudes effortless charm and minimalistic fashion. Crafted from milk cotton material, this bag is a tactile pleasure, offering a texturally rich and luxuriously soft experience that is a joy to carry and behold.

With its inherent versatility, the CHUNKY Knit Bag is designed to seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle. It can be styled as a handbag or worn as a crossbody bag, each look enhanced with elegant chains that add a refined sophistication. The bag's casual tote shape and solid pattern align perfectly with any outfit, ensuring that your look is always steeped in high fashion.

The open closure design provides easy access to your essentials, catering to the modern woman who appreciates the blend of style and convenience. Regardless of the moniker—be it bolsos, designer bag, or crochet tote—this bag is recognized as a luxury aaa grade accessory. The CHUNKY Knit Bag isn't merely an item for carrying your essentials; it's a fashion statement for the woman who understands that the details make the difference.

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