Cynda™ - Orthopedic Sandals

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Colour: Black

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Enhance your running experience and bid farewell to foot discomfort with Cynda™ - Orthopedic Sandals!

Experience unparalleled comfort and health benefits with Cynda™ - Orthopedic Sandals, meticulously crafted for effortless walking experience.

Developed by experienced podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons, the sandals feature a unique design with three arches, providing even pressure distribution, adjusting body posture, and reducing muscle imbalance.

Why choose our orthopedic Cynda™ sandals?

All-day comfort: Experience an ultralight and floating sensation with every step, perfect for all-day wear.

Ideal for any path: With their terrain-grip rubber sole, these sandals provide confidence on any journey while maintaining their elegant style.

Made to last: These sandals are of excellent quality, inspired by retro aesthetics, and boast outstanding durability for long-term use.

Unique and trendy: Cynda™ orthopedic sandals are breathable and offer unmatched style - a perfect blend of fashion and functionality.

Størrelsestabel (cm)
Size Footlength
35 22.5
36 23
37 23.5
38 24
39 24.5
40 25
41 25.5
42 26
43 26.5
44 27

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