Elegance Shoulder Bag

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Colour: Black

UPDATE: Limited stock! - 24 pieces available

Introducing the LANA Elegance Shoulder Bag by Mello Luni, a beacon of stylish simplicity for the discerning fashionista. This bag encapsulates elegance with its solid color palette and distinctive mesh hollow out design, making it the perfect complement to your beachwear or casual summer wardrobe.

Craftsmanship and Comfort: The LANA Elegance Shoulder Bag is more than just an accessory; it's a showcase of exquisite craftsmanship. Made with a high-quality polyester weave, it's lightweight, soft, and breathable—ideal for comfortable carrying on those warm, sunny days at the beach or during a leisurely city stroll.

Versatility at its Best: This shoulder bag is the embodiment of functionality married with style. The roomy interior is a testament to its large capacity, ready to hold all your essentials with ease. Its versatility shines, perfect for a variety of occasions, from shopping trips to daily errands.

Celebrating Femininity: Every stitch and curve of the LANA Elegance Shoulder Bag is a celebration of femininity. It's a thoughtful gift or a cherished self-indulgence, destined to become a favorite in any collection. With color options ranging from sophisticated black to vibrant yellow, there’s a shade to match every mood and outfit.

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