Eva Slippers

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Colour: Green
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UPDATE: Limited stock! - 24 pieces available

Optimized Comfort: Slip into the world of comfort with the Mello Luni EVA SLIPPERS.. Designed with an emphasis on ergonomics, they ensure that every step you take indoors is plush and gentle, even on hard bathroom tiles.

Resilient Material Choice: Crafted from EVA, these slippers are a promise of durability. This material is known for its water-resistant properties, making them an ideal choice for damp bathroom conditions. No more worries about wear and tear from moisture or water splashes!

Minimalistic Design: The solid pattern design, complemented by the concise style, brings forth a minimalistic charm. The light element of these slippers ensures that they're not just easy on the eyes, but also on your feet. Light enough to make you feel almost barefoot, yet protective enough to guard against bathroom hazards.

A True Fit: Nothing can be more bothersome than ill-fitting footwear. EVA ensures that you don't have to compromise on fit. Designed to match your regular size, these slippers provide a snug fit, promising no slips or trips.

    Additional Information: Perfect for indoor use, also in the bathroom, these slippers are a blend of style and functionality. The absence of lining material ensures quick drying, while the robust EVA outsole offers good traction on wet surfaces. When choosing a size, trust the brand's promise of a true fit and select your regular size for optimal comfort.

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