Evi Flat Water Bottle

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Elevated Hydration for the Contemporary Pace:
Discover the AMY Flat Water Bottle, a signature innovation from Mello Luni, designed for the rhythm of modern life. Its unique, notebook-like design grants it a place not just in your bag but in your lifestyle, catering to the sophisticated tastes of those who carry elegance in their every move.

Purity and Style in Every Sip:
The bottle is an exemplar of Mello Luni’s dedication to aesthetic grace and quality. Moving beyond traditional materials, the AMY bottle introduces a luxe dimension to everyday hydration, marrying practicality with the luxury of design.

Fluid Grace for Dynamic Lives:
The bottle’s direct drinking feature allows for a seamless transition from thirst to refreshment, mirroring the fluidity of modern life. Available in two sizes, it offers tailored hydration solutions with an air of exclusivity.

A Partnership of Distinction:
Mello Luni extends a cordial invitation to forge successful partnerships through its dropshipping and wholesale programs. Embrace the opportunity to deliver Mello Luni's promise of elegance and quality to a discerning clientele.

Redefining Elegance in Hydration:
The AMY Flat Water Bottle by Mello Luni reimagines the daily act of drinking water as a moment of luxury. This isn’t just a water bottle—it's a statement of style and discernment. Secure yours and savor the taste of sophistication.

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