Full Body Trainer

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Colour: Purple

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Full Body Trainer Boost your confidence and sculpt your dream body

Unleash your inner athlete and embark on a transformative fitness journey with Full Body Trainer. This full-body trainer is the ultimate equipment for men and women craving a toned physique to reach their goals.

Full Body Trainer Benefits

  • Strengthen your body - The right resistance during exercises targets your core, arms, legs, and more. See how your waist tightens, your arms get defined, and your legs gain strength.
  • Improved flexibility - With Full Body Trainer, you can enhance your flexibility and stretching like never before. With the device, you can perform various exercises that enhance your flexibility and increase your range of motion.

Portable fitness solution - Whether you're working out at home or outdoors, this compact device is your ideal fitness companion. No more expensive gym memberships or bulky equipment - just grab your Full Body Trainer and exercise wherever you are.

Effective workout sessions - Full Body Trainer offers a sleek and efficient way to train your entire body. Thanks to its ergonomic design, thickened latex tubes, and non-slip pedals, you can perform various exercises easily and safely.


Material: TPE + Latex tubes
Color: Purple, Blue, Pink


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