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Colour: Light Blue
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UPDATE: Limited stock! - 24 pieces available

Experience effortless comfort with Mello Luni's THICK SOLE HOME SLIPPERS. Perfect for indoor use, these slides offer a relaxed fit with a flat, soft sole, ensuring easy wearability for all-day ease. Available in a variety of colors, they are the ideal companion for your at-home leisure or beach days. With their lightweight design and open-toe style, these slippers add a touch of simple elegance to your casual footwear collection.

Measure your foot length to match with the corresponding size for supreme comfort:

  • For a foot length of 21.5-22.5 cm, choose Size 34/35.
  • If your foot length is between 22.6-23.5 cm, opt for Size 36/37.
  • A foot length of 23.6-24.5 cm matches perfectly with Size 38/39.
  • Select Size 40/41 for a foot length of 24.6-25.5 cm.
  • For those with a foot length of 25.6-26.5 cm, Size 42/43 is ideal.
  • And for a foot length measuring 26.6-27.5 cm, Size 44/45 will be the best fit.

Comfort and style are just a step away with the right size for your lovely new slippers! If you're unsure or in between sizes, we recommend choosing one size larger for that extra bit of cozy space.



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