Kim - Super Comfortable Sandal

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Colour: Beige

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The Kim sandal is designed specifically for women and is made from vegan PU leather, guaranteeing a soft and luxurious feel. The inner material is also made of breathable vegan PU leather, providing freshness and comfort all day long. The outsole is made of rubber, offering durability and excellent traction.


The 600 nylon closure ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing the sandal to adapt perfectly to the foot. The Kim sandal is ideal for those with a neutral tread, ensuring a balanced weight distribution when walking. With a cushioning level of 10, it provides a feeling of softness and protection with every step. It also has anti-static properties of level 10, offering additional safety and comfort.

Why Invest: The Kim Sandal not only offers superior comfort and sophisticated design, but also utilises high-quality vegan materials, making it an ethical and sustainable choice. The secure, ergonomic fit, combined with excellent traction and durability, makes this sandal the perfect choice for any occasion.

Opt for the Kim Sandal and be sure you're investing in a product that combines style, comfort and sustainability. 🌍

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