Mini Bear Backpack

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Colour: Style 1-Light Blue

UPDATE: Limited stock! - 24 pieces available

Indulge in the delightful fusion of snugness and style with the Mello Luni NOA MINI BEAR BACKPACK. This piece is not just a backpack but a snuggly companion, crafted from the softest woolen cloth and lined with silky polyester for a tender touch. The softback design and arcuate shoulder straps offer a stress-free carrying experience, making it the perfect travel buddy for any adventure.

Captivating at first sight, the NOA MINI BEAR BACKPACK features a charming bear-shaped silhouette that instantly elevates it to a statement accessory. Practicality goes hand-in-hand with its adorable design, boasting a secure zipper closure and a soft handle, ensuring ease of use without sacrificing its whimsical appeal. The intricate jacquard techniques bring a sophisticated texture to the backpack, while playful animal prints breathe life into the array of color options, including khaki green, blue, coffee, black, and pink.

A versatile treasure in the realm of accessories, the NOA MINI BEAR BACKPACK transitions seamlessly from a shoulder bag to a backpack to a top-handle bag, ready to accompany you from school corridors to city streets, or during your global escapades. This isn't merely a bag; it's a versatile piece of fashion that lets you choose from various sizes to complement your unique style and meet your everyday needs.

The Mello Luni NOA MINI BEAR BACKPACK is a whimsical yet practical addition to your winter attire, ensuring that each outing is filled with style, comfort, and a touch of playfulness.

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