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Introducing the Nina Tumbler Thermo by Mello Luni
 Mello Luni redefines on-the-go hydration with the Nina Tumbler Thermo. This isn’t just any water bottle—it's a fusion of premium materials with the exceptional insulating properties of 304 stainless steel inside and 204 stainless steel outside, ensuring your beverages retain their desired temperature for extended periods. Coated with an eco-friendly plastic finish, the Nina Tumbler Thermo stands as a testament to Mello Luni's pledge for sustainability and elegance.

Ergonomic Excellence for Daily Use
 Every detail of the Nina Tumbler Thermo is meticulously designed for convenience and comfort. The bottle features a robust 40oz capacity to support your hydration goals, complemented by a large, ergonomically-designed handle that suits both left and right-hand users. Its sleek profile is crafted to fit seamlessly in standard car cup holders, embodying Mello Luni’s ethos of sophisticated practicality.

Advanced Thermal Retention Technology
 Mello Luni’s Nina Tumbler Thermo incorporates cutting-edge tailless vacuum technology, offering unparalleled thermal retention for your cold drinks. This technology underlines the brand’s innovative spirit and dedication to delivering a superior hydration experience that keeps pace with your busy lifestyle.

Durability and Design in Harmony
The Nina Tumbler Thermo balances durability with a modern aesthetic. The bottle's dimensions are thoughtfully chosen for portability without compromising on capacity, featuring a convenient mouth diameter and a sturdy base to ensure it stands firm. Its transparent new-material sealing cover is not just functional but also adds a stylish edge. With the Nina Tumbler Thermo, Mello Luni invites you to carry a piece of sustainable luxury with you every day.

Money Back Guarantee

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