Orthopedic High Heels

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Colour: Powder Pink Leather

UPDATE: Limited stock! - 24 pieces available

Designed by our Orthopedic Expert.

If you love wearing heels but suffer from heel, foot, and knee pain, our orthopedic heels are the solution for you!

Are you searching for the best support with an elegant look? These shoes are specially designed for those who want to make a statement while staying comfortable all day long. Nobody wants heel spurs, foot, or knee pain to ruin their life.














Move pain-free now!
With these shoes, you won't need expensive medical visits or costly orthotic inserts. Every step you take with these heels is cushioned by the firm yet soft sole. The thick sole absorbs shocks and supports the entire foot, not just the heel.


✔️ Cushioning - Orthopedic heels provide cushioning throughout the foot for optimal comfort. The sole contains a special gel that absorbs shocks better than any other sole.
✔️ Increased stability - The extra-wide 4 cm heel sole provides stability, and the carefully positioned insole ensures a perfect fit, comfort, and better performance.
✔️ For wide and narrow feet - Heels adapt to wide and narrow feet. They are also made of breathable material, allowing your feet to breathe!
✔️ These orthopedic leather high heels not only offer style but also comfort and support for your feet. Experience a pain-free life and step forward with confidence!

Material: Rubber and PU Suede for long-lasting use and easy cleaning of the heels.

Size chart can be found at the top of the page.

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