Sergio™ - Casual Linen Set

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Colour: Marine blue

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 Sergio™ - Casual Linen Set - Ideal Fit and Maximum Comfort

Our Sergio casual summer set is made from elastic and stretchable material. This ensures that the polo and trousers are not only stylish but also comfortable. The combination of style and comfort will ensure that this becomes your favorite outfit!

Polo: In our opinion, many polos nowadays lack the classic look and fit. This often results in polos being too long and therefore not falling nicely. Our polos have a slim-fit cut and are exactly long enough. Inspired by the Italian fit, the length of the polos reaches the belt. This ensures an elegant and classic look.

Trousers: The trousers have the model and fit of suit trousers. This also makes the trousers very suitable to wear with a different shirt or sweater. We have chosen to limit the length of the trousers to the ankle. This prevents the trousers from falling over your shoes but rather fits nicely.


Benefits and Features

  • Zipper design with sturdy collar
  • Breathable and stretchy material
  • High-quality craftsmanship and slim fit

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