Smart Bird Feeder with Camera + App

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Let nature's beauty come alive in your own backyard with the Smart Bird Feeder!

This advanced camera not only provides a feeding spot for birds but also delivers sharp images and uses AI technology to accurately identify bird species. Whether you're an experienced bird lover or just love nature, this camera promises to deepen your connection to the outside world with its exceptional clarity and interactive features.

With an impressive resolution of 1080P, the Smart Bird Feeder brings the bird world home to you with stunning precision.
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24/7 Natural Observation
But that's not all! This innovative camera also features remarkable night photography, allowing you to observe uninterrupted day and night. With the additional functionality of two-way audio, you can not only listen to birdsong but also deter unwanted pests.

Simple & Sustainable Bird Watching
Installation is effortless, and with its solar power source, the Smart Bird Feeder is not only environmentally friendly but also a practical addition to your outdoor area. Dive into the beauty of nature and enjoy endless hours of birdwatching with this amazing camera!
What makes our Smart Bird Feeder with Camera so special?

- ADVANCED AI TECHNOLOGY: The Smart Bird Feeder is equipped with an intelligent AI Bird Recognition Camera, which utilizes advanced AI recognition technology. This allows it to accurately identify over 16,000 bird species, elevating your birdwatching experience to new heights thanks to this innovative technology.

- EXCEPTIONAL VIDEO QUALITY: Experience breathtaking 1080P HD video and a super wide 130° field of view. Stay connected in real-time with the fascinating bird world via the VicoHome APP and enhance your birdwatching experience remotely.

- TWO-WAY AUDIO & EASY INSTALLATION: Enjoy convenient two-way audio with built-in microphone and speaker. Listen to birdsong or scare away squirrels, while the installation process is hassle-free thanks to both drilling and non-drilling options.

- SOLAR INTEGRATION: Designed with integrated solar panels, the Smart Bird Feeder includes enhanced dual solar panels. These reduce charging time by 50%, extend your birdwatching sessions, and promote environmental friendliness.

      - Material: Toughened plastic
      - Solar panel power: 5W
      - Power supply mode: Solar energy
      - Rechargeable battery: Built-in
      - Supported mobile systems: Android, iOS
      - Connection: WiFi
      - High definition: WiFi surveillance camera

      - 1 x Smart solar bird feeding spot

      Money Back Guarantee

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