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Experience the timeless elegance of Mello Luni's hoop earrings, where the enduring charm of vintage style gracefully meets contemporary fashion flair. Each earring is adorned with a ring of simulated pearls, offering the splendor of classic pearls with a fresh, modern twist.

These pearls are exquisitely set against a backdrop of high-quality zinc alloy, adding an air of antiquity to the overall design. With dimensions of 72mm by 45mm, these earrings make a bold statement while maintaining an air of sophistication that is appropriate for both everyday elegance and special occasions.

Mello Luni's hoop earrings are the perfect choice for women who seek a harmonious blend of classic allure and present-day chic in their accessories. They embody Mello Luni's dedication to providing jewelry that celebrates vintage aesthetics while embracing the modern woman's sense of style.


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